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”In Japan, women hold 8% of manager jobs, far from 2020 goal of 30% ”

Titan Healthcare offers a Spotlight Package for those clients who wish to start action their D&I policies through talent acquisition. The Spotlight Package is a focused, prolonged service providing a market map, exclusive recruitment services and ongoing consultation and support to strengthen targeted recruitment goals.


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All candidates chosen to be interviewed within the Spotlight Package are exclusive and no other opportunities will be presented to those candidates


Female Leaders in our Network

Case Studies

Case Study

An American biopharmaceutical client was searching for a new Head of Pharmacovigilance and Safety.

Previously, there had never been a female leader in this position and they were unable to identify strong female candidates in their pipeline.

To solve this issue, Titan Healthcare tapped into their international network and supported a candidate from overseas to transition back to Japan and into this role.

Case Study

With a big incentive to push for more diversity from the global executives, this medical device client was focusing on Japan, as their executive team was 100% male.

Needing a replacement for their R&D Head, the client decided to invest in diversity hiring.

In just 6 weeks, the final candidate was selected from 3 finalists (2 of which were women) who matched their search criteria.

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